Centro Di Consulenza Sulla Relazione Scuola Di Counseling Sistemico Pluralista Corso Di Mediazione Familiare

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corso di specializzazione in mediazione interculturale

The annual specialization course in Intercultural Mediation is configured as an optional third year for graduates in systemic family mediation recognized by the A.I.M.S. and for A.I.M.S. (International Association of Systemic Mediators).

The course, which deals with the issue of interculture, allows reflection and debate on issues concerning the social, relational, psychological and identity aspects related to intercultural exchange and migratory processes, with attention to new family and couple realities, to work. network on the territory and that of mediation between services.

In particular, it plans to transmit work tools and techniques in an intercultural context and to deepen the pluralist systemic approach, both from a methodological and epistemological point of view. In addition, particular attention is paid to a work on the mediator's self: his own prejudices, attitudes to diversity, knowledge of his own culture - albeit the dominant one - and migratory experiences.

Course recognized by A.I.M.S.


The Specialization Diploma in Intercultural Mediation will be issued for graduates in Family Mediation, while the other professionals will receive a certificate of participation.