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local projects

In the non-profit sector, that includes associations and cooperatives, Shinui is a precious resource to give life to projects that promote the improvement of the population’s quality of life, in particular of families – native and migrant – creating contexts of meeting and exchange between cultures. About this last point It becomes necessary an intervention that can support an adequate process of migrant population’s integration in the welcoming society, also activating interventions in the mental health field.

Since 2001 Shinui’s association has activated local projects about the intercultural exchange; up to now it has proposed projects to schools, Social and healthcare services, migrant and native families, to optimize the integration and collaboration processes between cultures. Thanks to the constitution of interdisciplinary team and a network, there is a continuous collaboration of different professional figures: counselors, psychotherapists, educators, psychiatrists, welfare workers, intern students of the Counseling school, intern psychologists and major psychologists, along with a wide range of social, healthcare and educational services.