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Martine Bucci

Choreographer and teacher of contemporary dance, graduated in 1996 in the Feldenkrais technique, she has completed three years of the Systemic Pluralistic Counseling School of Shinui.

She undertakes her work in Bergamo conducting group and individual lessons applying systemic counseling skills in Feldenkrais, to engender a very unique and personal approach.

Since 2012 she directs the basic module of the non-verbal communication and body language at the Counseling School of Shinui.

For almost 20 years she has worked at the Ananda Center; she has also collaborated with the psychiatric Day Care of Bergamo Hospital. She conducts lectures for social and school educators concerning "verbal and nonverbal communication in the educational relationship: knowing one self through movement".

She systematically maintains her professional skills, participating every year in various body and psychological method training both in Italy, and overseas.