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Max Portici

Having followed training in educational methods and pedagogy, he has become involved professionally in the care-relation as an educator.  Integrating himself at ground level he worked on local educational projects in the province of Milan, in the sector caring for the tutoring of minors, intervening at the domestic as well as school level. He then went on to work in residences for minors separated from their original nucleus, victims of abandonment, neglect, mistreatment or sexual abuse.

He has taken on the role of coordinator and manager of semi-residential services, residences and structures embedded in "Coordination of community accommodation and family networks in the province of Bergamo"He came to Shinui through the Family Mediation course, graduating in 2013 and has fulfilled the requirements for the Systemic-Pluralistic Counselor course. 

He is a group-tutor in the Family Mediation course, and he is following training to become an AIMS training associate.