Centro Di Consulenza Sulla Relazione Scuola Di Counseling Sistemico Pluralista Corso Di Mediazione Familiare

The Shinui association has been operative since 2000 and consists of a permanent training and clinical staff. The continuity in the time allows us to become a harmonious group and to transform our different training (always systemic) into resources: together we have developed the Systemic Pluralistic Approach, based on the heterogeneous systemic epistemology of the founder of the centre.The staff have a team meeting twice a month, allowing a coordinated organization of the lessons, an interchange on clinical cases, a discussion about external projects and the development of close human connections, that offer us a family feeling, shared with tutor and students.

Each tutor escorts and coaches a group in training for the whole cycle (2 or 3 years of school) and works in four areas:

  1. Group: follows and supports the establishment of the group and its dynamics.Orientamento - Accompagnamento per ogni singolo allievo, nella scelta del tirocinio e dell'argomento di tesi, aiutandolo a definire l'ambito che più gli si addice per poi svilupparlo.
  2. Individual: follows each student in her/his personal path.
  3. Orientation:  helps each student to choose his/her internship, to choose the topic of the thesis and to elaborate it.
  4. Teaching: a tutor can participate in lessons, maintain a connection between the teachers, the topics and the group and, in this way, facilitates the program processes and the wellbeing of the participants.
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