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Cecilia Edelstein, Shinui’s founder, has 30 years of experience in working in qualitative research, action research and case studies. This activity is constantly intertwined with clinical work, training, supervision and projects on the territory.

As part of the qualitative research she has focused on the theme of the psychological aspects of migration processes. Using the narrative approach it has been possible to collect and analyze the testimonies of women and men about their migratory history, highlighting the different phases identified in the migration process, their experience, and gender differences.

Action research has led to the development of a group work model with migrant women and with native and migrant working together. It has also allowed the development of a group work model for women victims of trafficking. Between 2004 and 2010, the Action research has focused on the spread of a culture of integration, through the construction of a network in the territory.

From 2005 to 2010, the illustrative and qualitative research has allowed us to understand and observe how the Social Services are evolving in response to the increased demand arising from the migrant population. The results of this work are documented in the book: Edelstein, C. (2011). The transformations of social services in the era of migration flows. Rome, Carracci. [Read review]

As part of the case study, there is continuous research on mixed couples, migrant families, adoptive families, foster and international contexts.